May 15, 2011

Nail polish trends spring/summer 2011

When Chanel presented their Summer 2010 makeup collection I immediately fell in love with it! I rushed to Sephora and bought the 527 Nouvelle Vague (Turquoise) nail polish. Two days later I came back for the 537 Riviera one. They were so summery and the candy colours made me wanna eat my own fingers and toes :). Ever since October I've been wondering what the fashion giant and my other favorite cosmetic brands have prepared for us for summer 2011... So, after all the waiting - here they come:

CHANEL le vernis:

Chanel nail polish, nail polish trends,nail polish summer
from left to right: Beige Petale/Morning Rose/Mimosa

the collection is Inspired by the highly anticipated Disney movie "Pirates of the Carribbean: On Stranger Tides"O.P.I nail polish,nail polish trends,nail polish summer
from left to right: Skull&Glossbones / Mermaid's tears / Steady as she rose / Planks a lot / Sparrow Me the Drama / Stranger Tides / Silver Shatter

Inspired by the Emmy award-winning TV show GLEE (which I am a big fan of), SEPHORA by OPI's newest assortment of nail colors includes something for every GLEEk.
Sephora nail polish, nail polish trends, nail polish summer
from left to right: Miss Bossy Pants (inspired by Rachel Berry) / Slushied (inspired by Finn Hudson) / Mash Up (inspired by Will Schuester) / Celibacy Club / Gleek Out (inspired by Kurt Hummel) / Sue vs. Shue (speaks for itself :) ) / Express Yourself to Yourself (inspired by Sue Sylvester)

Make yourself a present for the upcoming summer and hurry to the closest store to get at least one of the season's hottest shades! My personal favorite - the 577 Mimosa by Chanel. Which one is yours?

There's no store that sells those nail polishes near you? Try ordering online from here: