May 24, 2011

Nail polish trends spring/summer 2011 part II

     Since I received a lot of e-mails about my post Nail Polish trends spring/summer 2011 with the request to make a sequel, here it is:

Here comes DIOR with their super glamorous ''Rock your nails'' collection, a Nordstrom exclusive:
nail polish trends 2011,dior rock your nails, Blue label 997 / Purple Mix 887 / Nirvana 704 / Underground 824/ Perfecto 804/ Rock Coat 907
From bottom left to top: Blue label 997 / Purple Mix 887 / Nirvana 704 / Underground 824/ Perfecto 804/ Rock Coat 907

The ''Electric Tropics'' Collection - a ''must have'' for the perfect seaside vacation:
nail polish trends spring summer 2011,Dior Electric tropics,pink paradise, orange aloha,dior nail polish
The neon pink ''Paradise'' and the vibrant orange ''Aloha''

A bright luminous poppy red with a hint of orange
nail polish trends 2011,Dior,trafalgar dior, poppy red nail polish
Trafalgar 747

A red celebrated in a blaze at thelatest Spring-Summer 2011 Haute-Couture show,
inspired by Gruau G*.
nail polish trends 2011,Dior nail polish Gurau G 837,Dior Vernis
Gurau G 837

A dense and enchanting subtly pearly red brown, recalling Rouge icĂ´ne, created by Christian Dior to light up the mythical Spring-Summer 1955 “Atout Coeur” dress.
Dior nail polish,Nail polish trends spring summer 2011, Dior Icone 862
Icone 862

You can buy these at for $21 each.

Nothing says "SUMMER" more than a yellow and blue palette.  Yves Saint Laurent certainly had that in mind creating their nail lacquer set for Summer 2011:

yves saint laurent nail lacquer summer 2011, yves saint laurent make up spring summer 2011, yves saint lauren electric yellow nail polish, yves saint laurent turquoise blue nail polish
Electric yellow 32 and Turquoise Blue 31

You can buy these at for $20 each.

Estee Lauder presented their ''Pure Color'' collection - the famous long lasting formula in 8 new summer shades:
Estee Lauder nail polish, spring summer trends 2011, Estee Lauder Purce Color collection nail polish

From top left: Frozen fantasy / Rosa Rosa / Fuchsia Flame / Purple Passion / Ultra Violet /
Hot Coral / Pure Red / Enchanted Garnet

You can buy them at for $19 each.

M.A.C. Cosmetics presented their Summer 2011 limited edition nail lacquer ''SURF, BABY!'' collection
M.A.C. nail polish spring summer 2011, MAC Surf Baby nail polish 2011
Hangin' Loose / Ocean Dip

You can buy these at for $15 each.