May 16, 2011

the high waisted pants trend

     High waisted pants made a huge comeback in the fall/winter 2010 collections by designers likAkris, Calvin Klein and Chloe, followed by a few mass brands like Zara, American Apparel and H&M. What is so great about them is that they can magically hide those extra few pounds you gained during the winter. If you put on a belt and a fitted deep neck top, that will emphasize on your waist and will make it look smaller. Try wearing a basic top for a casual out and about, and do not hesitate to put a silk blouse/shirt for a more formal, elegant look. I personally don't own a pair of high waisted pants, because I've tried on more than 10 different pairs and they look horrible on my body, but that don't stop me from liking them anyways :) Have a great week everyone!

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