May 9, 2011

The Hunter Boots Trend

They come in so many colors, you can never get enough. In January 2009 the British company Hunter Boot Ltd. announced that they will be collaborating with the famous designer Jimmy Choo for a limited edition black wellington boots, embossed with signature Jimmy Choo crocodile print and containing gold rivets and a leopard-print lining. Spotted on celebrities and worshiped by fashion bloggers all over the world, these boots, made by the highest quality rubber, were once known not for their stylish appearance, but for their endurance. The wellingtons we all love today were used by the British Army soldiers during World War I and II in the battles against the German Army. The back then called "North British Rubber Company" produced around 2 million pairs of the wellies for the soldiers. After the end of the World War II the wellies became popular among men women and children for the wet weather.
So what are you still waiting for? Pick your favourite color and go out in the rain with a smile on your face :)

hunter boots, wellies
hunter boots, wellies
hunter boots, wellies
hunter boots, wellies

You can find your favourite Hunter wellies here:


SAMANTHA said...

this is such a lovely post, i am being introduced to a lot of blogs i have never been to and i loveeee hunter boots too! :)!


Maya M. said...

Thank you dear! I'm so happy you liked it! You are the first person to comment on my blog, so thank you for that! :):):) said...

Lovely post!!! That's my girl on the last photo!!! Woot woot!!!


Maya M. said...

thank you guys :)I appreciate it!

Liz O said...

Congratulations toy your lovely blog! I had spent hours watching it, specially this post! :)