May 12, 2011

the jeggings trend

     They look like jeans, but they feel like leggings - how could you not love this combination :) ? The fact that they were firt worn for jogging in 2009 speaks for itself for their comfiness. There are two types of jeggings with respect to the material they are made of: jeggings made of legging material, made to look like denim; and jeggings made of a material that is a cross between a denim and legging material (they look like super skinny jeans, except their pockets, if any, are fake). Jeggings are quite versatile - you can wear them with almost anything you can think of - from a basic tank top, through a long sweater, to a (not formal of course) dress. They can be combined with flats, heels and boots.

My personal favorite jeggings are the ones from Abercrombie&Ftich, but you can buy real cool jeggings from here also: