August 11, 2011

happy 24th to me!

24 years ago, on a hot August day, my beautiful mother gave birth to her first daughter - me! I know it sounds cliche, but I can't believe I've lived almost quarter of a century - seems like time has flown by me in a bling of an eye!

However, I'm proud of what I am today and what I have achieved and I can only wish that I achieve even more in the future and have all the people who love me by my side to share it with.

Today I am grateful - I am grateful for all the people who I love and love me back, I am grateful for all the good things I have in my life and that are considered privilege in so many countries, but most of all I am grateful for being healthy and alive!

B-day dinner tonight at my favorite restaurant in Sofia, I'll make a post of my b-day outfit tomorrow, so stay tuned :)