September 24, 2011

Look of the day on fashion salade

The first thing I do after I wake up is take a look at my iphone, and this morning there was a pleasant surprise waiting for me in my inbox! I got an e-mail from one of my favorite fashion websites - FASHION SALADE that one of my photos was featured on their homepage!!! I was thrilled and hurried loading the website on my laptop to see my look "Details" I showed you guys here was the one they chose to represent the Love your look magazine section on the website. 
This look is one of my favorite summer looks as well and I am really happy, honored and grateful to the guys from FASHION SALADE for choosing my look over all the others as a look of the day.
I really enjoy being a part of the Fashion Salade community and I will continue uploading my looks there for sure.
Those of you who follow me on twitter probably know that I'm completely overwhelmed and preoccupied with studying for my final exams in Law School and that is the reason for the lack of posting on my side. But I can assure you that is only temporary - I will post as often as I can as soon as my exams are over and meanwhile occasional posts will appear whenever I have time :)!

Thank you for your comments, and THANK YOU FASHION SALADE!


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