♥ About this blog ♥

iheartmaya.com was created on 14 February 2011, by my boyfriend, as a Valentine’s day surprise for me. That explains the name he picked (I'm not that narcissistic :)). At first I wanted to keep it that way and not change anything about it. He was the one who suggested that I start posting on it and try to make a blog about one of the things in my life that makes me the happiest – fashion. I know that there are thousands of fashion blogs around the world, created by thousands of stylish bloggers. Each one of them has its own magic and beauty. However, not all of them show the style that I like – my style.
This blog’s goal is to present to you my everyday style, my traveling, which I am very passionate about, trends that I like, sneak a peek in my closet, fashion the way I see it.
I would love to hear your thoughts on my posts and I'll try to answer every e-mail I receive.

I hope you like my work and thank you for reading!!!